Genetic Diagnosis
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Personalized Medicine

Tests for the "Next Generation and Targeted Therapies" have been significantly improved by treatment of target gene products such as ALK, BRAF, MEK and HER2 in the treatment of malignant diseases such as breast, lung, stomach and colorectal cancers and melanoma. Which treatment will be applied to the patient are decided by the genetic tests performed at LABGEN.

In addition to being a Genetic Diagnostic Center, LABGEN is a laboratory that uses molecular analysis to determine the most appropriate treatment that can be performed with the patient's susceptibility and environmental profile in order to manage the disease with a personalized medical viewpoint, that serves to improve the life span and quality of a person by taking preventive medical precautions and regulating lifestyle by calculating the susceptibility to multifactorial diseases, that provides services with the latest technologies in the field of individual medicine with the applications for the development of specific therapies for individuals by increasing genetic bases of response to drugs, increasing drug effectiveness, reducing toxic and unwanted side effects.