Genetic Diagnosis
and Personalized Medicine

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Products and Services

Acıbadem Labgen provides services in the prevention, screening, diagnosis and monitoring of cancers, degenerative and genetic diseases. 

These services are comprised of the genetic consultancy of healthy individuals, patients and their families who may feel they are at risk; pre-natal and post-natal genetic diagnosis; selection of embryo's; cytogenetics and molecular genetics.

Cytogenetic and Molecular Genetic Diagnosis Tests
They include services such as the FISH test in reproductive medicine and haemato-oncological diseases, the quantitative polymerase chain reaction in diagnosis of chronic myeloid leukemia, the Sanger series analysis method ussed in hereditary Mediterranean anemia and fever, new generation series analyses in hereditary cancer syndrome cases, cytogenetic and DNA chip technology in syndrome diagnosis are all used under the same roof to perform routine, up-to-date all genetic diagnoses and tests requiring advanced technology.
Prognostic Commentary Tests and Treatment Planning
Our laboratory uses testing methods approved by the FDA (US) Food and Drug Administration) such as PROSIGNA, Kras, Braf and BCR/ABL in cases where the selection and monitoring of treatment is of importance and in monitoring the progress of lung cancers, colorectal cancers, leukemia and breast cancers (prognosis)  for overall prognostic commentary and the planning of their treatment.
Follow up Tests
Follow up tests in Leukemia and similar cases are of great importance in the success of their treatment; both in terms of monitoring patients following medications and following bone marrow transplants. As a result, our laboratory uses up-to-date and advanced technology to monitor clonality, chimerism and minimal residual disease.